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Competitive cheerleading


Competitive cheerleading


Hello everyone! We are the National Taipei University Cheerleading Team

Hello everyone! We are the National Taipei University Cheerleading Team

Teaching content:

Learn various cheerleading-related cool jumps, flips, and flashy tricks, such as Toe-touch, rollover, rollover, front-hand flip, backhand flip, straight back, elevator, extension, cradle hug, sitting position, Statue of Liberty, Heel Extension, Arabian Pose, Scorpion Pose, Upright Pose, Cupid Pose, Basket Toss, Pyramid, and more, and combine them for a dazzling performance!

Participate in the competition:

Republic of China College Cheerleading Championships

Practice time and place:

Weekly (time to be determined)) Public Affairs Building Hall

Kindly remind:

Wear sports clothing, bring towels and water bottles, and do not wear accessories such as earrings or necklaces

Social Activities Time

On Christmas Eve, the coaches provided prizes, the members played many small games together, and everyone also received small gifts prepared by the president and vice president!

Skill Training Course

Weekly routine skills training time, not the coolest, only the coolest tricks under absolutely safe protection!

Turning Training Course

Through the coach's demonstration and guidance, learn tossing skills such as rolling back and forth, rolling back and forth, and rolling over.

The National Coach Takes You To Fly

Coach Lin Fan, who has served as a national player for several times, has excellent physical fitness and professional cheerleading skills. He not only relies on his innate advantages but also the result of his hard work! With Lin Fan, the competition is extraordinary!

Fun Time

In addition to the basic routine training, the little eagles will hang out together and enhance their feelings for each other. Welcome to the big family of Taipei University Cheerleading!