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NTPU Basketball Team


NTPU Basketball Team


NTPU Basketball Team

Do you love basketball and want to traverse the court?

Do you watch basketball and want to play for the team?

We are the Jiasan's basketball team at Taipei University Basketball 篮球emoji素材一 160x160像素

Welcome all students who are passionate about basketball to join us~

Let's enjoy the team atmosphere and the spirit of perseverance together!


Practice 2 times a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9pm.

In addition to some basic basketball skills training, we often play friendly games with other schools or seniors.


Through these opportunities to accumulate and practice, hope that we can play for the National Cup together!


English version :

In this basketball club, we welcome all students who are passionate about basketball to join us, there is no requirements on your experience or anything. We are hoping to see any students that needs a place where they can challenge themselves and become a better player. There are 2 practice sessions per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9pm. In addition to some basic basketball skills training, we often have basketball games with other universities or seniors.

Latest matches:

4/27 NCCU friendly match

This is the first game after the College Cup. Although it is an off-season, in order to maintain a certain strength and state of the players, Brother Long especially strived for a rare opportunity to let us step into the stadium of NCCU.

We divided into two teams AB and played two friendly matches against NCCU Jiasan. NCCU's players not only have excellent physical fitness, but also have superb personal skills, but Shi Haoxiang of Team A jumped out and took on the heavy responsibility of scoring. He owned the ball last year, and Brother Long gave him a different role in this game. Hao Xiang hit a very high rate at the three-point line, and the two sides scored into a tug of war. At the end of the last third round, Taipei University found its offensive rhythm and slowly broaden the score. Although at the end of the fourth round, NCCU rushed to catch up, in the end, the Taipei University A team won the first game.

In the next game of Team B, we entered a situation, where many players try to play different positions in this game, such as 

Ouyang trying to control the ball and Xiao Zi trying to play No. 4.5. In an unfamiliar state, the team was a little confused, and it was a bit unstoppable in the face of the powerful offensive of NCCU. Fortunately, the team began to slowly enter the situation, and Zihao also jumped out to contribute to the three-point line, and even turned around and challenged the penalty area. Unfortunately, in the end, Team B still lost to NCCU, but the most important thing is that the players gained experience from the game.

Thank you Brother Long for giving us this rare opportunity for a friendly match. We can go to NCCU to discuss with their players, and let us know that since NCCU Jiasan can play such an intense game, we can do it too. There are still many places we can make adjustments, but the tacit understanding between the players also needs to be maintained, adapt to their new positions, and have the courage to try different things in the game. After the game, in addition to the experience of the current game, we should also think about how to make ourselves better, continue to accumulate strength in this off-season, and prepare for each future game in the best state. Thank you NCCU Jiasan players and coaches this friendly match.






On-site training:

The team will also conduct off-site training through winter and summer vacations. In the winter vacation of 2019, the team moved to Taichung for training and played friendly matches with secondary teams from local schools or high school teams that participated in HBL and communicated with players of different strengths. Such training enables everyone to understand their shortcomings and areas for improvement and prepare for the subsequent college cups.

Referee workshop:

Coach Shen Zhilong led everyone to the court to explain and demonstrate the relative positions of the two referees when calling the sentence and what to pay attention to when making free throws. The referee's gestures were discussed off the court. To prevent the staff from the recording desk from seeing clearly, the gestures should be made larger for communication.