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NTPU Mt. Club

Taiwan is the island with the most mountains in the world. 

About 70% of the area is mountainous, with 268 peaks over 3,000 meters. In the folds of the plate extrusion, there is beautiful scenery that most of the people living on the remaining 30% of the land have never seen before.

NTPU Mt. Club, as one of the earliest clubs established in the school, has abundant resources accumulated over the years. In addition to rich and professional social classes, there is also complete mountaineering equipment for members to use. Each team will be reviewed by experienced seniors to ensure safety. In addition, the activities are not limited to mountain climbing, but also include outdoor activities such as river trekking and rock climbing.

NTPU Mt. Club

Base on both feet, we went to the mountains and forests of Taiwan together.

Mountain peaks gleaming in the distant sunlight; valleys where the sound of water flows; historical relics hidden in forests; bright night sky without light interference; rising sun on the sea of clouds. Taiwan is not small, there are many places we have not been to, and scenery we have not seen. For us, every time we go up the mountain, the small island of Taiwan that we know becomes a little bigger.

#Mountain hiking

The NTPU Mt. Club has an average of three to four times a semester, and the members of the club with the qualifications of guide or team leader choose the route and plan. It will be reviewed by experienced seniors and instructors to ensure the smooth and safe journey of the team. 

#rock climbing/river trekking/snow training

More advanced technical outdoor activities such as rock climbing, river trekking, snow training, etc. are currently mainly offered by instructors or graduates from time to time.

#Physical training/technical training

In order to improve the club's mountaineering strength, regular physical training (mainly running) and technical training (ropes, rock climbing) will be offered this semester, and the latest information will be announced on the club's fan page.

#event feedback

Last year's spring break instructor Gu Yujia took the club's cadres take a non-traditional route in a documentary video of the second section of the North.


NTPU Mt. Club

Knowledge is power, learn how to live in the mountains at NTPU Mt. Club.

The paths in the mountains are not predetermined, but only those with knowledge can freely master their own paths. Many graduating seniors said that the four years spent in the mountaineering club are like the second major or minor, and there are many places to learn and accumulate experience.

#social class

The knowledge and technology of the mountaineering club are mainly passed on one session at a time, and the club classes are offered by experienced seniors, graduate 

alumni, and instructors in the club. The content ranges from basic to advanced, and the purpose is to let members learn to be independent in the mountains. In addition to practical social lessons, there are also lectures related to mountaineering literature and history, such as the history of ancient trails, sharing of overseas climbing experiences, etc., to expand members' imagination of mountaineering activities.

In principle, all social lessons are open to non-members free of charge, and if there have a limited number of participants, members will have priority.

#guide training

One of the important activities of the mountaineering club is the long-day procession held for winter and summer vacations. Compared with the teams that are open during the school period, the guides and more experienced members of the community are mainly involved. They can practice and practice the knowledge they have learned on weekdays and accumulate experience in mountaineering.


NTPU Mt. Club

In addition to mountain climbing, members will also gather at the social office located in the basement of the business school to hang out. There are also routine social gatherings every semester.

#welcoming tea party

There will be a more detailed and in-depth introduction to the NTPU Mt. Club as a whole at the welcome tea party, and many graduates will come back to share their experiences in the mountaineering club. All students are welcome to participate, come to chat with cadres and seniors, and learn about the activity mode of the mountaineering club and the harvest in the mountains.

#social gathering

Every year around Christmas, it is held at the foot of the mountain, where members gather to eat, drink, and drink.


Before the graduation season, reviewing the activities of the mountaineering club for one year, sending off the seniors, and selecting new cadres, other than that, it is no different from the social gathering.

NTPU Mt. Club

Invitation from the mountain, become a part of the NTPU Mt. Club.

As long as they are students of NTPU, they can join the mountaineering club, and it is not limited to the bachelor class. The fee for joining the club is NT$700. It is a one-time membership and a lifetime membership system. Friends who want to join the club only need to go to the fan page of NTPU Mt. Club to fill in the membership form and pay the fee for joining the club at the time of orientation.

#member benefits

Priority is given to team participation. In the first year of joining the club, the club can rent equipment for free, while non-members must pay an additional 200 equipment rental fees.

#equipment rental

The Mountain Club Office has a complete range of mountaineering equipment in addition to personal clothing, including large backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stoves, tents, canopies, trekking poles, ropes, slings, climbing shoes, life jackets, and more. It can be used by members when they leave the team. In addition, if members have their itinerary, they can also rent it at a cheap price.


After accumulating a certain amount of experience and knowledge, members can participate in the guide qualification assessment within the club. After successfully passing the test, they can set up a team to go to the place they want to go. In addition, the first time you start a team after you are admitted to the guide, you can get a NT$500 reward, and you can get a NT$100 reward when you are admitted to the team leader, as well as other benefits to encourage members to improve their abilities and promote mountaineering activities.

Let's take steps together and pursue the most beautiful scenery.

The vast wilderness is free and contains all kinds of possibilities. It is only for the traveler with courage and knowledge to explore. Taipei University Mountaineering Club was founded nearly 60 years ago (formerly known as Chung Hsing University Law Business Mountaineering Club). In the past ten years, it has left new footprints in the mountains and forests of Taiwan, and it continues to this day. If you love the natural environment and are not afraid of difficulties, you are welcome to join the mountaineering club and become the people of the mountain together.

There are majestic mountains, endless virgin forests, simple Fan people, and the world of Taiwan's mountains where curiosity, adventure, and colorful scenery are intertwined. Now it has become an inseparable and inseparable existence in this life!

1932 Tadao Shikano "The Climbing of Mount Yushan" "Mountains, Clouds, and Fanatics"

NTPU Mt. Club